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Brigitte Gemme

Posted on by Client

We needed a sectional for our family, kids are getting too big to all fit on the 3-seater sofa and comfortably watch a movie! We are normally an IKEA kind of family (our previous couch from there lasted us 10 years) but nothing there appealed to me. I found Lifetime via Craigslist posts and walked in there to check out the goods. They definitely don’t woo you with the store’s decor – and that is perfectly great for me, as it is also reflected in the reasonable prices. We rapidly settled on a model we liked (I love it when there aren’t too many options!), put a deposit, and ordered. Delivery was supposed to be in late May and turned out to come in late June, but really is there any supply chain that isn’t disrupted these days? Vikas delivered himself and was very nice about showing how to do the final assembly of the legs, which we did ourselves. The fabric of the sofa is really nice and soft, the foam is just the right firmness, and the two pieces of the sectional hold nicely together. Time will tell but it looks so far like this will be a very durable item in our home.

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